Remodel a bathroom

The bathroom is a place where we enjoy spend time and relax...provided, of course, have a piece of nice and pleasant to the bath and the shower ! However, the catch is that many apartments and houses are equipped with bathrooms terribly outdated. Health of the time, colours are hideous on the tiled floor and on the walls, floor scarily vintage, but in the bad sense of the term.
However, reassure you immediately, no need to break everything to rebuild it. You can renovate your bathroom and give it a whole new look without a large expense. And we'll tell you everything about the art and how to make this room a pleasant and cosy place, in the air of time.A bathroom agréableUn new aspect to the tiles, and the faïencesAvant any thing, you focus on a part of the most crucial : the wall tiles and the aspect of health.

For that it costs you less, especially not to buy or not : this would be first of the very important jobs, and most importantly, you will leave your budget in its entirety. There are solutions much more sensible to give a blow of nine to wall tile and a bathtub and sink : the acrylic resin. It can be applied to these elements to give them a new color, and when one is equipped with a little tacky, this can make all the difference.
The resins are not the same for the tile for a tub or a sink, so make sure you offer products that are suitable so that the pose is well done. You can choose the colours of all types, a white or a grey when you want to sobriety, and why not colours, flashy to be in the trend ! There is no limit except that of your own creativity.A beautiful tile for a bathroom plaisanteUn ground to the bottom prixMaintenant that this renovation project is completed, we suggest you to look after your floors.

Of course, the acquisition of a public prosecutor or a new tile floor would be far too expensive. In contrast, the coatings in PVC are rather successful, easy to maintain, and they are not expensive. In addition, there is a little trick to pay less expensive yet : the bathroom is often a small room, and it may be that in the diy stores in your area, coupons in the form of falls are available, good dimensions, and with prices that defy any competition.
So that's how you change the floor of a bathroom at a low price, and without skimping on style ! More info :édit photos : Flickr // Lilac Park - ADT 04 - Egle11bis

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