Reduce stretch marks

aLorsqu'of stretch marks after significant weight gain or childbirth, you can make a preparation for the home to reduce these ugly stretch marks.But before you give a remedy to remove the stretch marks, the grandmother advises you to avoid these stretch marks :- Avoid drastic changes of weight (+or -)- Avoid use of pharmaceutical products based cortisoneVoici a remedy to remove the vergeturesMélanger a half avocado with the juice of a lemon and a tablespoon of honey. Apply this mixture on the stretch marks several times and for several weeks.Attention, this remedy does not remove completely the stretch marks but will reduce it considerably.A stretch too important to the skin, such as the quick weight, pregnancy, or extreme growth show often stretch marks. Also called "stretch marks" striae distense ".
These are women with very fair skin who are most affected by this problem. Stretch marks are a real problem for a lot of people because of their appearance unsightly affects a lot of the psyche. It is therefore important to treat them to at least,mitigate it.

To do this, there are treatments, laser is called dermabrasion, or prescription retinoid-based.- Reduce stretch marks -treatment is strongly discouraged during pregnancy because it has an impact on the fetus, which may develop a malformation. Another treatment combining the electrical energy and the laser vascular dye is also used to reduce stretch marks but its action is not yet really proven. When the stretch marks are located in the lower abdomen, a surgery can be considered.
It is called abdominoplasty. An area of skin below the navel is removed to the place where are the stretch marks. There is still a process by light pulses, but only a portion of stretch marks disappears.

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