Lower cholesterol

Take a natural remedy against the cholestérolLe cholesterol is bad for the health if we have too, everyone knows it. We will still be able to reduce cholesterol significantly with natural products.The essence of rape is very effective, as well as the nuts to be unclean. These two products contain the omega-3.
it should just take two scoops per day to lower cholesterol.To lower bad cholestérolPour lower the bad cholesterol, it is obvious that a plan is needed. it is especially necessary to comply with their medical prescription, before everything, but you should know that the consumption of garlic and wheat germ helps to lower the cholesterol levels.You can incorporate fresh garlic in everyday cooking and eating wheat germ and some walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts. Think of the daily sports also.Decrease the cholestérolPour decrease the cholesterol, it is necessary first of all, you must follow a diet and to the doctor's directions.

You can also take herbal medicines which help to flush the cholesterol are garlic and wheat germ. It is necessary to follow it up with the doctor regularly and follow the directions drug to the letter.A decline in the rate of cholestérolQuand cholesterol is a bit high, we can take it down easily with a natural way.It is sufficient to infuse the tea with cinnamon or put the cinnamon directly in the hot water and sweeten with honey. Drink two cups per day.
It is obvious that the natural way is to take as a supplement to conventional treatment against the cholesterol prescribed by the treating physician (see example).

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