Clean a glass table

Glass tables are very stylish, and in this time it is the great mode ! With the black and the white, that forms a deco very original ! But maintaining a glass table is sometimes a real obstacle course : the traces of the fingers reappear as quickly as they have been eliminated, and if we don't want to spend his life in a cloth to hand, it sometimes resolves to put a tablecloth, which no longer puts any value to the table !
To clean a glass table, effectively, you can use a paper towel with rubbing alcohol,or even household vinegar. Also, there is a cleanser that boosts the shine of the glass and cleans very well : the White of Meudon, Louis XIII. It is a thin natural chalk : used at a rate of 1 volume of White of Meudon, to three litres of water, that you can spread on the surface of the table, and leave it to dry.

You would not then have to wipe with a cotton cloth, and your glass table will be resplendent !

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