Remove makeup with a product house

Treat oily skin also requires removing makeup perfect and daily. For greater effectiveness, the usual products can be replaced by make-up facts-house to be more natural and effective. The mint is an excellent remedy against oily skin you can use it as a base to create a cleansing milk.
For this we pour 30cl of boiling water over a handful of fresh mint and natural. Allowed to stand and filter the mixture, to which was added 6 tablespoons of milk powder. We keep this solution cool, and no more than six days because it does not contain preservatives. The same recipe can be applied to the cucumber, another miracle ingredient to combat excess sebum.

Without infusion this time, but with a juicer, extract the juice of cucumber and add a few tablespoons of milk powder and water. You get a make-up remover natural way to combat oily skin.

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