To treat a fungus in the foot

The mycosis of the feet, most often manifests between the toes for cracks, itching and white skins. She digs the skin and can happen to be very, very bad if it is not treated quickly. It is, in general a fungus of the skin that is responsible for the mycosis of the feet.
It is called dermatophyte. Athlete's foot can also spread under the nails. It is not dangerous but very long from.

It is necessary to do a lot of prevention to avoid yeast infection of the feet. It is advisable to dry these as often as possible because the fungus proliferates in moist environments. You should also avoid walking barefoot around swimming pools, sports halls and other public places.
It is necessary to monitor their skin regularly and if it gets flaky and itchy, then it is quite possible that the fungal infection of the feet is already installed. It is important to know that natural solutions are the best, but the fungal infection of the feet is very difficult to leave and often, it takes several months before it disappears. Athlete's foot is between the toes, it softens the skin that gets flaky and itchy, and finally to hurt as the skin can end up raw. Athlete's foot is not dangerous in itself if it is treated as quickly as possible.

We will be able to help treat this fungal infection to the foot with a natural product and very effective.It is necessary to apply a generous amount of the pure essential oil of tea tree or tea tree on fungal infection on the foot that is affected and rub lightly but long enough to make penetrate the product. Renew the treatment for a few days as long as necessary. Thus the fungus at the foot concerned, should disappear quite apidement.

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