Reglue a dental crown or a tooth on pivot

A crown or tooth on pivot just come loose ? Fear not, grand-mother knows this problem well and offers you some tips and tricks. A crown may come loose due to the chewing of a food very hard or sticky,the nougat,the caramel, for example.
These foods are likely to snatch the crown and if you don't have to go to your dentist, grandma can help you to pick provisoirementEnlevez the crown or the tooth on the pivot of the boucheVous may swallowing, and digestive problems could occur... It is thus necessary to clean the crown or the tooth tenon with a toothbrush to remove any deposits that might be there,and you can put the cream fixative denture bought in a pharmacy for the paste temporarily,or even toothpaste,cala also works.But it is necessary to avoid chewing on it ,because it sticks temporarily and slightly your crown,it is only aesthetic and not functional. Once your crown is in place,it should not interfere with the closing of the mouth,you need to have the same feeling as before the crown falls.You will need a toothbrush , a tube of toothpaste.,or a créme adhésivePour a tooth on pivot,there is a simpler way and free is to wrap it in a thin film of cotton wool around the pivot ,after of course you have cleaned the tooth. The residual moisture will swell the cotton and the tooth on the pivot held in its housing. If it doesn't fit is that you put too much cotton,you can adjust the amount. Crown on pivot ConseilsSi you happen to have swallowed your crown or tooth on pivot,eat asparagus or leeks so that the fibers of these vegetables form a cocoon around these foreign bodies so that the intestinal transit is going well .After 3 to 4 days the foreign body is expelled naturally. Re-gluing a crown, The temporary fixing is not the final goal, make an appointment with your dentist to remove the tooth because it was able to be infected by bacteria present in the oral cavity, the cost to reseal a crown is about 60 euros, depending on the dental. Thanks to a simple kit (such as this type of kit), you will also be able to easily reseal your crowns with a temporary cement ready-to-use .

These kits are designed to re-glue a crown and even a bridge.These cements temporary are more effective if you have to wait some time before getting an appointment ,or in case of absence of your practitioner, Have you ever tried this type of kit ?

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